• Session #1: “AMERICAN SLAKING”

    Improv Comedy/Web Series. In Parts & Actors, Brandon Moynihan attends an open call prepared to impress casting director Bernardo Saracino. But they quickly realize they are not on the same page.

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  • Unconditional

    Music video. As you might deduce from the title, this tune is about love of the non quantifiable variety. And in the spirit of that we thought it’d be fun to make a video with lots of cute kids and dogs.UNCONDITIONAL was the second music video from Stu Pollard’s debut album NEW TRICKS. The album is on sale at iTunes, Amazon,and loads of other internet retailers.

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  • Where The Trees & The Stars Are

    Music video. Andrea’s Davidson’s fabulous song about Louisville WHERE THE TREES AND THE STARS ARE. Filmed in Louisville, KY, at the Clifton Art Center, Hermitage Farm, and River Road. Directed by Stu Pollard. Produced by Stephen Brown. Cinematography by Brennan Clark, Hunter Curry, Alexandra Jensen, and Tyler Gunderson. A Lunacy Unlimited Production.

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  • By Design

    Music video. A cautionary tale about the deceptive allure of alcohol, BY DESIGN stars Macleod Andrews and Kelly Campbell. BY DESIGN was the third music video from Stu Pollard’s debut album NEW TRICKS. The album is on sale at iTunes, Amazon, and loads of other internet retailers.

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  • Nice Guys Sleep Alone

    Preview for the feature film NICE GUYS SLEEP ALONE, a romantic comedy starring Sean O’Bryan, Vanessa Marcil, Sybil Temchen, Morgan Fairchild, Blake Steury and Bill Sanderson. Produced by Heidi Winston and Diana Williams. Written Directed by Stu Pollard. A Lunacy Unlimited Production.

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  • Lunacy Unlimited

    Lunacy Unlimited is a full service content creation company with offices in Santa Monica, CA and Louisville, KY.  We enjoy making films of all shapes and sizes that entertain and inspire. While our primary passions are feature level projects, we also have vast experience in short form work, including commercials, branded web content, improv comedy, and music videos. We also have a unique (and admittedly somewhat obsessive) love for visual nostalgia, and that becomes readily apparent when you see the work […]

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  • SXSW 2011 Throwback, Pt 7: TV On the Radio

    Music/Web Series. Kyle Meredith, of the syndicated radio show The Weekly Feed, interviews Jaleel Bunton, Tunde Adimpe, and Kyp Malone from TV On The Radio at SXSW 2011. Hosted & produced by Kyle Meredith. Directed & shot by Stu Pollard. Edited by Scooter Downey. A Lunacy Unlimited Production.

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  • Team Perry – 2013 Western Region Championship

    Charities. Here’s the wild and wacky fundraising video that Team Perry’s west coast teams joined forces to make in 2013 and 2014 to help support the Perry Zimmerman’s efforts to raise money for rare cancer research via the nationwide fundraiser Cycle for Survival. Learn more about Team Perry at: www.teamperry2014.info.

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  • Brette & Friends: Cedar Point Trip – Sandusky, OH (2013)

    Family/Kids. Highlights from Brette Baughman, Claire Griffin, Natalie Metzger, and Rosie Taylor’s trip to Cedar Point amusement park in May of 2013. Featuring guest appearances by chaperones Stu Pollard and Amy Baughman.

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Links of Filmic Interest and Other Bits & Bloggables

  • SP: Premiere episode of Lunacy’s Parts & Actors starring Brandon Moynihan and Bernardo Saracino. Watch here or on youtube

  • Obama pans internet fast lanes, as calls increase to treat broadband as "public utility"

    SP: Interested in releasing your own content online? And monetizing it? Better keep up with this net neutrality business…

  • Filmmaking Tips from...Jon Stewart!

    SP: Everyone has their own right of passage when making their first feature. Even if you’ve hosted a popular talk show for more than a decade…

  • Wow

    SP: Once again, the Netlfix guys backup the notion that they are the smartest guys I’ve ever met. 

  • Digital Frames on Steroids

    SP: I am super psyched about this technology. 


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